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Classroom Webpages

Web pages for courses taught by Professor Farmer at Arizona State University are posted on and accessible only to enrolled students. Login is required.


Below is a list of classes previously taught by Professor Farmer.


Lower Division:

  • Intro to Physical Geology
  • Geology Colloquium
  • Physical Geology Lab
  • Intro to Earth Science
  • Historical Geol Lecture
  • Historical Geology Lab


Upper Division:

  • Introduction to Paleontology
  • Lab Studies in Paleontology
  • Advanced Field Geology
  • Essentials of Astrobiology
  • Advanced Sedimentology


  • Advanced Sedimentology
  • Biological sedimentology
  • Early Biosphere Evolution
  • Topcis in Paleoecology
  • Topics in Astrobiology
  • Issues in Evolution



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